BB Glow Treatment & Microinfusion

1 day Online Class

This is an advanced BB glow Treatment course with Anjali practically doing every step along with you.

Perfect course if you are wanting to start your career as an aesthetic artist or are into the beauty industry.

The classes will be scheduled according to yours & Anjali's availability once you have signed up. 

> Understanding the skin


> Sculpting & Shading with BB Glow Treatment


> Client consultation

> Understanding the products


> Skin analogy


> Enhancing face features


> Choosing the right products


> Flawless Foundation application

> Working with body discolouration 


> Steps to give the client perfect skin


> Long lasting facial techniques 


> Learning different brands


> Dealing with various skin problems


> Health, hygiene, safety, sanitising tools & equipment


> Preparation of client and products

> Certificate awarded at the end of the course


Kit Details

The kit is specially sourced for you from Dubai and Singapore. Through this kit you will be able to start attending clients immediately. You will also be given a list of vendors through whom you can get your products in the future. The Kits includes -

- Derma per

- Microinfusion Bottles

- Vitamin Ampoules

- BB Glow Ampoules

- Neutralising Foam

- After Care Cream

- Exfoliating Cream

- Facial Needles