5 food items to avoid for a healthy skin

1) #Milk – Yes! Shocking right? Milk or milk products have an awful impact on the skin. Milk contains a high level of insulin that increases the production of sebum (skin oils), hence leading to acne and pimples. The calcium that we get from milk can be obtained from #raw vegetables instead.

2) Fried food – Avoid any fried foods that use super heated vegetable oil, tempura, fries, chips, deep fried fish etc. Heated vegetable oil causes an oxidizing effect on your body that leads to age spots.

3) Gluten – This affects your digestive system and therefore causes a lot of #stress on the skin. Try and cut out gluten just for about 10 days from your diet and you will see a difference.

4) Sodas – They contain a lot of sugar, preservatives and corn syrup, all of which causes a lot of blood sugar imbalance in the body. They are also highly acidic and therefore can weaken your bones and joints faster, hence making your skin layers thinner and #sensitive.

5) Sugar – Start reading the labels of every food item you buy. Almost everything you consume already has sugar, so start avoiding it wherever possible. It is all about having controlled amount of sugar everyday - a maximum of 60 grams a day. High intake of sugar will cause wrinkles to appear faster and make your #skin weaker.

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